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Our Recent Work

Could not find a Trump Is My President T-Shirt Dress!

Tried to video myself earlier with out much success.  Stopped in church to pray, a friend was there and I asked her if she would video me!


Marro Design Dress is Ready!  Being sent to artist/designer for lettering!  "ladylike"!

Thank you Stephanie! It s here! TRUMP Is My President and Pro Life, Family, God beautiful ladylike midi T-Shirt Dresses!

More from Marro!

Easter dress with veil!  Midi length, 3/4 length lace sleeves with white pearled neckline! Easter white!

Black Sequins midi length dress with 3/4 sleeves!   Loose but gorgeous, by Marro!

Marro Design

Marro's current designs!!

"Ladylike" dress, 3/4 length sleeves!  Matching Veils/Shawls too!

Teleigha Peavy's Designs

Spring and Summer 2017!

Midi length, 3/4 sleeve ladylike tshirt dresses

Black with pink kitty cat hoodie/veil!

Pink with hearts, burgandy hoodie/veil and on/off overlap (optional) extended burgandy skirt!

Stars & Stripes made of poly cotton!

More design on the way!